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Friday, August 5, 2011

How To Get Rid Of Bad Acne Forever

Most persons who have bad acne their pustules could be inflamed pustules and deep cysts in many areas on their bodies. If it’s not treated, it could permanently damage the skin. In most cases a severe forms of acne could take years to be treated. The main reason for that is because they have be tested with a variety of different treatment before they find the one that works well with them. Therefore, no matter how severe the acne is there is always a treatment for it.
Surgical Excision and Drainage
In some cases, for some reason medications doesn’t improve some type of acne forms but it can be drained manually. This procedure is called an acne surgery and most only be done by a professional dermatologist. As a matter of fact, this should not be tried at home because there are certain sterile conditions that are required. Do not attempt to squeeze or pick acne especially on the face because it will become infected or their condition will worsen within a few hours after.

Normally if a cyst ever gets inflamed, it usually ruptures or leaves a scar. To avoid this from happening, a interlesional corticosteroid will be injected by an dermatologist, it’s a chemical that will help to heal and lessen inflammation. This substance will help to melt away the cyst after a few days. Actually, this treatment is only for face acne, incidentally, it sometime works on different areas of the body. In fact, there is certain type of injection that is used to soften pimples contents so it can easily be removed from the face.
This type of drug is normally effective; therefore it’s only used when acne is really severe if it is opposed to other medications. In other words this is the most effective acne drugs that treat all acne symptoms are on the market today. Anyway, although Isotertinion is very successful, keep in mind that the side effect is very serious. Therefore, this drug has to be prescribed by a doctor. The symptoms for side effects are severe chest pains, skin dryness, painful swallowing, diarrhea, and even depression.
Oral Antibiotics and Contraceptives
The mainstream method for medically bad acne treatment is oral antibiotics. Most of these antibiotics can alter the hormone level in your body, and it also plays a major role that causes acne. Treatments always begin with huge dosage, which can be easily reduced as acne lessens. Therefore, acne could eventually develop a resistant against antibiotics and to be safe another medication needed to be complete. Acne that is cause by overactive sebaceous gland in females, oral contraceptives are an effective method used to heal acne. Please note that it is not a long-term cure for acne. In fact women over 35 who is a smoker or suffer from migraine headaches should not use this method.

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