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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Acne treatment: Home remedy

Okay these are some acne treatment home remedies that is proven to work wonders for those who are willing to try something new and is also desperately trying to improve their acne problems.

RAW POTATO : Sprouting pimples like they are going out of style? Raw potato can be used as a acne treatment. Try this neat little trick to use as a acne treatment to clear up your face. Cut a raw potato in half and rub the flat end on to your face. Leave the juice on for 20 minutes before rinsing off. The starch in the potato will help dry out your oily skin and get rid of the acne in the process.
DIAPER RASH CREAM : This is a very cheap acne treatment that will clear up your acne in a jiffy. Dab a bit of diaper rash cream on offending areas and the zinc oxide in the cream will dry up oil from your skin and help to kill the bacteria that cause the acne. While it moisturize your skin as soft as a baby's behind.

ICE CUBE :  If a giant acne pimple sprouts up at work here is what you can do to make it less noticeable without applying a face mask or even using the diaper rash cream. I know we don't carry our acne treatment to work with so place an ice cube on it for about 30-60 seconds then hold a tissue dampened with eye drops over it for 3 minutes. This will cause the blood vessels below your skin to contract making the pimple less red and easing some of the irritation.

ASPIRIN : Aspirin can also be used as a substitute acne treatment. Wash your face with worm water apply a paste of water and crush-up aspirin then rinse off after 10 minutes. This treatment should not be used more than five days in a row as it can dry out your skin.

DIET : You know you're supposed to get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids but many of us didn't know that it can help reduce acne. So to stop breakouts eat plenty walnuts, fish, especially salmon, flax seed, soybeans, cauliflower and cabbage. All these home remedy can be used as a acne treatment and it really works.

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