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Sunday, November 11, 2012

How To Apply Makeup: Here Are 10 Tips

Many women all over the world like wearing makeup in general. Some women like looking glamorous, attractive, eye catching, beautiful, and drop dead gorgeous. Makeup is worn by mostly woman who wants to enhance their beauty in one way or the other. They want to be able to walk down the street and turn every man eyes to her direction. Sometimes it all depend on your hair style, how you dress, and the makeup you are wearing to be able to attract a man instantly. Well in order to achieve that type of attraction here are some tips for you to follow:
Tip one:
Make sure to wash your face before you start applying makeup. First thing you need to do is apply a concealer, use a shade that is lighter than the foundation. Then use your finger tips or a sponge to dot it on over scars, blemishes, or under-eye circles. It is also good to apply some eye cream under your eyes first.
Tip two: 
Always chose a foundation that will blend well with your complexion. Gently dot it all over the central part of your face, by using either a sponge or your finger tips making sure it covers the entire face.
Tip three:
If you want the foundation and concealer to stay on for a long time then I suggest you use a loose or pressed power. If you are on the road you can touch up your makeup by using the pressed power.
Tip four:
When doing your eyebrows use powdered eyebrow shadow on brow instead of using the pencil. Why? Because the pencil makes your brow looks unnatural.
 Tip five:  
When using eye makeup you can choose at least there colors of eye shadow such as light, medium or dark. Only use the dark one to apply on top of the eyelid in a very thin line along the upper lashes. Then you need to apply the medium shade in the crease and then use the lightest shade to apply around the eyebrow area.
Tip six:
How to apply eyeliner makeup? Well, use slightly damped cake eyeliner, a thin liner brush, or pencil eyeliner to line the lower lid right below the lashes. Make sure to line only the outer two-thirds of the lower lid. If you want a darker look then apply it all across the upper lid (just a little above the lash line and close as possible to lashes), or you can start the line where your lashes begin.
Tip seven:
It’s time to start applying the mascara to the upper and also the lower lashes. To avoid clumsiness apply in two thin coats. You can choose black, brown, or dark brown makeup if your complexion is fair but it works better on a darker complexion. Actually you can try colored mascara such as navy blue or plum but don’t go too bright because it will make you look like a mommy.
Tip eight:
The best makeup for your cheeks. I know that this may sound funny but you have to smile in order to find the apples of your cheeks, and then gently blush on your apples or below whichever you like. Try to use a blend in blush to make it look good on your skin.
Tip nine:
Do you think that lipstick is a form of makeup? Yes it is and this is my favorite part applying lipstick. Be sure to choose a color that won’t make you look too weird. Where lipstick the blends in with what you are wearing but I think light red goes with anything. Certain type of lipstick color doesn’t go well with a person of dark complexion. So stick to a color that suit your complexion.
Tip ten:
If you are going to line your lips then apply it after you put on the lipstick not before. That way if your lipstick began to wear off you won’t have a dark circle of lip liner on your lips. If you combine very dark lip liner with a pale lipstick that certainly won’t look very nice. When you are wearing makeup choose a color that blends well with your complexion, your shoe, your pocket book, and also the cloth that you are wearing.      

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