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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SKIN CARE: This Week Top Tips

Taking care of your skin properly can delay the natural aging process and also prevent many skin problems. If you have a busy life stile you tend to neglect taking care of your skin. As we grow older our skin gradually becomes thinner and finely wrinkled.
The glands that produce oil (sebaceous) become less active, leaving your skin dryer. Your skin becomes more fragile when the blood vessels in your skin decrease. You will also loose your youthful color and glow. Skin care is a way of keeping the skin glowing for a very long time.
To maintain a good skin care try avoiding too much sun light, gently washing of the skin and applying moisturizer on a daily basis it helps to delay the aging process. Following those simple skin care habits will help to protect skin and keep it glowing healthy for a long time.
In order to protect your skin from the sun, you can wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and wide-brimmed hats to protect you face from the sun. Use a sunscreen lotion but choose-a broad-spectrum with sun protection factor (SPF), you must apply 20 min before going in the sun. After heavy sweating or being in the water you should apply every two hours.
Did you know that smoking will accelerate aging of the skin and it does increase wrinkles? After 10 years of smoking the skin changes the appearance in young adults. Narrowing of the tiny blood vessel in the outermost layers of the skin is often cause by smoking.
This can decrease blood flow depleting the skin of oxygen and nutrient such as; vitamin A, which is important to he skin care health. Most of those factors increase damage to the elastic fibers (elastic) and collagen that gives your skin strength and elasticity.
Washing of the skin gently can help in more ways than one. Taking a long showers or long bath can remove oils, warm rather than hot water. Avoid strong soap, use soap like Dove, Van cream, Cataphyll, and purpose. Try to avoid using product that contains perfumes or dyes on your skin. Skin care is the only option if you want to keep looking young in your old age…      

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